#Immigration Hackathon Project

I took the opportunity recently to finally attend a hackathon event held by the city of Los Angeles and officially supported by the mayor. It was an amazing experience that reminded me about my passion for social and civil matters. Belize The theme of this particular hackathon was immigration and a very interesting assortment of people showed up for the event: activists, non-profit members, and technologists.

I joined a group who decided to create an “all in one” web application that addressed the many needs of new immigrants and/or uninformed immigrants in the Los Angeles area. Our perspective is that many services and resources exist across the city but are either hard to find or it’s difficult to find the good services. list of domains Our discussion was very rewarding and it reminded me of my time as a graduate researcher working on a project for the displaced people after Hurricane Katrina. best places to visit One of the key things I tried to stress with the group is that this web application needs to be optimized for those who want to HELP others. We fully understand that not every immigrant in L.A. who is seeking services will have a smartphone with a data plan, let alone speak english.

I’ll discuss the project in more detail as time goes on but we’re all excited and hope to submit this to a final city-wide competition in a few months. Here is a very early process chart showing how a user would flow through portions of this web application.


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