Max for Live Development

4-Step Max for Live MIDI Effect (Alpha version)

A four step sequencer with probability triggers. Currently in active development.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 12.59.35 PM

This four step sequencer is controlled by the Ableton Live time clock but can be quantized to very specific settings with the “Base” and “Num” parameters. You can define note length, toggle notes off and on, velocity, and the probability of the entire sequence to be triggered from incoming MIDI notes.

Here’s the catch, you need to route multiple 4-step sequencers together for optimal results.

The Max for Live device is free to those who are willing to tweet the offer!

Pay with a Tweet to download Download the 4-Step Max for Live Device

Learn more about the 4-Step Sequencer

4 Step Sequencer / Max for Live


A video posted by estevan (@estevancarlos) on

#probability based drum sequences #maxforlive #ableton

A video posted by estevan (@estevancarlos) on

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