Work in Progress: Branded, performative, visuals and technical framework built in Max MSP and Processing

I’m working with a band, Tickle Torture, on a VEVE project, providing visuals for his event. To summarize: I’m slicing, cropping, and openGL processing their videos while presenting animation elements. This is the progress after three days. Half of which was me sitting around wondering what I’m going to do.


Why this is important

I’ve needed to start the creation of a technical framework I can work from moving forward. This project has been a wonderful excuse/opportunity to get that going. I decided some months ago that I need to further integrate Processing into my visual performance set up. There’s a few reasons why. The paradigm of handling vector graphics and animation is more intuitive in Processing. Actually that’s the only reason why. It’s a mess in Max as far as I’m concerned.

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So Max/MSP is becoming my video playback+video processing station that sends an openGL feed to Processing. If Processing is better for vector graphics, Max is better for shaders. The paradigm of signal flow and “pipes” is a more sensible approach when dealing with shaders–half the time. It’s a decent balance.

So this is just a sneak peek at a work in progress. More to come.



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